Bring the Birds Up Close

Get up close and personal with the birds in your backyard. Our selection of window feeders bring birds so close it feels like you could almost reach out and touch one (but don't scare them away).

TreeScape Window Feeder

View the birds up close and personal with our TreeScape Window Feeder. It has an easy-fill tray with a removable divider so you can offer two different types of food.

Watch our TreeScape Window Feeder in Action!


Window Feeder

Great for blends, peanuts and safflower, this durable feeder attaches right to your window pane with suction cups, allowing you to see every bird detail. It's easy to fill, easy to clean and backed with a lifetime guarantee. 

Decorative Window Hummingbird Feeder

With our Decorative Window Hummingbird Feeder, only a window pane stands between you and "the jewels of nature" — hummingbirds. This feeder is easily mounted to any window with two suction cups, and its clear bottom allows you to see hummingbirds quickly lap up the nectar solution. The Decorative Window Hummingbird Feeder features three feeding stations and a moat that, when filled with water, will keep ants and other crawling insects out of the feeder. It's also easy to clean and comes with a lifetime warranty (even if it falls to the ground).